New York, NY, February 2, 2018 - Business Technology Partners has acquired a fellow managed service provider, Responsible Computing Solutions, in a bid to expand both its geographic and skills reach.

Business Technology Partners is a New York-based MSP and technology consultant with expertise in networking, voice over IP, unified cabling, audiovisual, and other physical and IT infrastructure projects. In January the company acquired Summit N.J.-based MSP Responsible Computing Solutions in large part to the need to reach more customers across state lines, said BTP President and Founder Josh Aaron.

Aaron told CRN that, while the bulk of his company's business is done in New York, he and a number of his company's workers live in New Jersey and have been watching their business in that state grow, making it important to build a larger presence there.

"And we like Responsible CEO Michael Achey," he said. "We're bringing him onboard."

Aaron first met Achey about six months ago thanks to an audio-video consultant who knew Achey after working with him on a project to recycle used computers for charity.

In addition to Achey and his team's location, Business Technology Partners acquired Responsible Computing Solutions for the latter's Datto-related skills.

BTP currently works with several providers of MSP platforms and related offerings, including ConnectWise, Kaseya, QuoteWerks, and Mimecast, but did not work with Datto, which in addition to being a major provider of data protection services through MSPs also acquired Autotask [4], another MSP platform provider.

BTP has definitely needed Datto-related data protection skills, Aaron said. "Responsible is a Datto partner," he said. "We have clients who work with Datto, but we didn't have the connections. Now we have a lot more capabilities with Datto."

Aaron knows that BTP could have expanded into New Jersey on its own, but decided to go the acquisition route to build its expanded presence and the Datto skillsets more quickly.

"We thought about setting up an office in Jersey City," he said. "But instead, we met Michael (Achey) and wanted him to join us. And there's a lot of health care and pharmacy companies out in the northeast New Jersey area around Summit."

Having a new office in Summit, N.J. also offers a transportation bonus, Aaron said. "Our help desk is in New York near Penn Station, where there's a direct train to Summit that takes 25 or 30 minutes. Driving takes 45 minutes. So it's easy to shift people and material back and forth."

Responsible Computing Solutions was a small acquisition, with about six technicians, including sub-contractors, Aaron said. Achey is the only full-time person coming to Business Technology Partners, although BTP may bring in former RCS people as sub-contractors, he said.


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