New York, NY, January 15, 2018 —Business Technology Partners (BTP), a premier IT consulting company and managed services firm in New York, recently completed an IT Management & Modernization program for The New York Foundling, one of New York City’s oldest and largest nonprofit organizations empowering children, families, and individuals with developmental disabilities.

BTP and its partner company Silverline Technologies worked with The Foundling on a multitude of projects, resulting in more than $60,000 cost savings per year and a more modernized system that allowed The Foundling to better serve its clients across various programs. BTP spearheaded several virtualization initiatives, including centralizing The Foundling’s IT department, which was originally operating at three separate locations, making software upgrades that improved help desk operations, upgrading and backing up legacy systems — plus consolidating and modernizing Electronic Health Records.

“Our contract with BTP enabled The Foundling to access the talent and services necessary to catapult our organization forward,” said Arik Hill, Chief Information Officer at The Foundling. “They have done an outstanding job modernizing our systems and establishing a new foundation of technology on which we now intend to build the future for our staff and the individuals and families we serve.”

Beginning in 2012, The Foundling underwent renovations in three of its locations across New York City. BTP and Silverline developed technical specifications and project plans for The Foundling’s low-voltage cabling, audio-visual systems, and security systems during the renovation.

The following summary further showcases the breadth of work for The Foundling:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    BTP successfully implemented Electronic Health Records (EHR) software to modernize and consolidate systems and data throughout at The Foundling. The transition to a comprehensive EHR system enabled The Foundling to better monitor the medical and mental health of its clients, while meeting the regulatory and security requirements of governing agencies through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Reduced Risk – Data Center & MPLS Network (NYFNET Upgrade)
    BTP and STG reduced risk to The Foundling. Redesigning the data center at their Chelsea location provided the organization with a robust and reliable server infrastructure, which now supports each and every employee. BTP and STG have been instrumental in the redesign of NYFNET, an internal Foundling database, and the deployment of a new MPLS network, adding greater efficiency, bandwidth, and resiliency to all of The Foundling’s major locations.
  • Help desk - Centralizing the IT Department
    Prior to BTP and STG’s involvement with The Foundling, the organization’s IT Department operated in a decentralized manner. The Foundling’s IT and IS staff operated without a cohesive strategy, causing frequent outages and interruptions. By bringing the whole IT team to The Foundling’s headquarters, BTP and STG installed a centralized “help desk,” including a new set of procedural and operational standards. Most importantly, The Foundling now has a well-organized, operationally efficient help desk.
  • Critical System Life-Support – NYFIS
    The New York Foundling Information System, a mission-critical application known internally as NYFIS, was running on outdated hardware with little support available in case of a system failure. The very real possibility of an irrecoverable failure could have prevented The Foundling from tracking children and receiving reimbursements. BTP implemented a server virtualization project, migrating this system onto a modern hardware platform, essentially eliminating this risk. As an added benefit, the overall performance of the system was also increased by nearly an order of magnitude.

“We’re pleased we could help in improving The Foundling’s internal IT operations and help the organization in providing better care for their clients — as well as modernizing the internal technology operations to help the people who work there,” said Joshua Aaron, President of Business Technology Partners.

About Business Technology Partners
Business Technology Partners, Inc. (BTP), located in New York City, is a technology consulting firm that delivers tailored solutions by leveraging a broad array of expertise in IT infrastructure and applications, including network management, technology maintenance, telecommunications, audio-visual, and security systems. BTP's technology practice areas help organizations with design/build projects, relocations, technology upgrades, and corporate consolidations. The company combines business-driven experience, industry best practices, and its own methodology to deliver projects on-time and within budget. For more information, visit

About The New York Foundling
The Foundling reaches 27,000 children and families each year in all five boroughs of New York City, surrounding counties, and Puerto Rico. Established in 1869, our vision is a community where every person, regardless of background or circumstance, enjoys the safe, stable, and supportive relationships needed to reach his or her full potential. To achieve this, we provide evidence-based and evidence-informed programs that focus on keeping families together; preventing abuse and neglect; providing academic support for children; and giving people with developmental disabilities the tools and training they need to lead independent lives. For more information please visit

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