All That Glisters is not Gold

As you steal away from the billowing winter winds, you’re probably curling up in front of a crackling fireplace with a masterpiece of literature (or maybe just the Kindle version). Thus, in honor of February’s nasty weather we are including some of William Shakespeare’s best quotes in our analysis of BTP's sweetheart brand Lenovo and the Mac vs. iPad debate.

All that Glisters is Not Gold When It Comes to Lenovo

“The better part of valor is discretion” – Henry IV, Part I

The Lenovo Thinkpad 13 is a great piece if you're looking for power computing at a reasonable price. The keyboard on this machine is best in class despite its lack of backlighting, and it’s got a sturdy chassis with a battery that just won’t quit. (Piltch, 2016) Understated, practical, and sturdy, at BTP we think that at current price levels this Lenovo Thinkpad 13 is a steal.

“All that glisters is not gold” – The Merchant of Venice