Healing the Pain of Microsoft “Ouch” 365

Aches and pains of Microsoft Office 365

While Microsoft Office 365 is a popular choice for small and midsize businesses, here are the “ouch” factors that we find can cause companies a little bit of pain. Stick around and we’ll prescribe treatment at the end!

Office 365’s light infrastructure is a double-edged sword. Why do companies like O365? It’s easy. Why don’t they like it? With ease of use comes simplicity. For a complex infrastructure, integration brings a need for workarounds. For example, with limited storage space, Office 365 can cause migration and archiving issues for larger companies. (Arora, 2017) Let’s say you’re a FINRA-registered broker dealer who has to keep a certain number of years of email information on premise. Now you have to monitor both Office365 and your legacy system for compliance violations. Other ouch factors relate to redundancy. If you require a customized back up schedule, Office 365 may present some pain as the system backs up no sooner than every 12 hours. (Ibid)

The Band-Aid

Many integrators and MSP firms come to the rescue with triage for these Microsoft issues by providing customized consulting solutions. These services are usually provided on an ad-hoc basis such as in the Windows Active Directory project that is described in this Case Study involving former financial firm MF Global.

You may also view this Featured Project which describes BTP’s assistance with a multi-year technology consulting and infrastructure design project for The Trump SoHo Condominium Hotel. You’ll also behold the work we’ve done for firms such as Kramer Levin, Eisner LLP, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering. For these and others we’ve provided First Aid that healed the cuts and bruises.