How Changing A/V trends are impacting Office Space

Audio/visual equipment has morphed from being equipment attached to a room into a critical path component with great influence on an office space’s design. This blog will provide valuable insight that IT firms, architects, commercial furniture vendors, and interior designers need to understand about the changes in the way that companies are using office space. We interviewed Peter Nostrand of RBC Cable and got his take on video conferencing, Interactive Boards, and more.

Q: Peter, your company does a great deal of video/web conferencing business. Tell us what the most misunderstood thing is for end users of this product.

A: This is a huge trend we’re seeing in our business as remote work has made videoconferencing technologies become highly demanded.

There seems to be a great deal of confusion from end users on the type of video equipment to use for particular size groups. You can’t use a personal videoconference set up for up to 10-11 people. Even IT people are surprised to hear this.